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2007-12-22 10:12:26 by PhillipRodriguez42

I'm out of ideas...

Ok, you have made it, you make my first animation go to the trash and be burn until it just become ashes that were eaten by dogs, cats, and layers... you won't see, from now, any other animation in spanish to never make again this mistake, but, you won't see any cause I have exams in front of me, so maybe you will know about me on December... (sorry if my english is pathetic)

Hello everybody, I'm Felipe, a chilean boy that wants to make animations to have fun. Call me Phillip if you prefer. I've entered this site to see if my creations are at the level of other amazing animations (or something like that)... hope you like my next animations (if you let me stay...)

Hola a todos, soy Felipe, un niƱo chileno que quiere hacer animaciones para divertirse. Llamenme Phillip si prefieren. He entrado a este sitio para ver si mis creaciones estan al nivel de otras increibles animaciones (o algo por el estilo)... espero que les gusten mis proximas animaciones (si es que me dejan quedarme)